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Slush crowd experienced a mind-blowing product launch today. Sid Kouider, Founder & CEO of NextMind, unveiled the world’s first brain-sensing wearable that gives users the ability to control devices with their mind in real-time.

NextMind combines deep neural networks and neural signals from the brain to transform a user’s intention into direct brain commands, creating a symbiotic connection with the digital world.

So what this means, is that you can play games and control computers, mobile devices and VR/AR headsets, using just your thoughts.

Crazy, right?

“We are reaching the gap between the human brain and technology”, Kouider tells. “This product records and interprets neural activity. The visual cortex is all we need, so the device is small and placed in the back of your head.” 

So who is NextMind for?

For all those who want it, apparently.

NextMind is made for the mass-markets and wants to combine comfort, discretion and a ‘wear and play’ experience.

“We are also very interested in the possibilities this device has with VR and AR. When you’re for example playing in VR, you don’t only want to forget about the physical world around you, but also your physical body. This device gives you a sixth sense”, Kouider claims. 

NextMind will start shipping it’s DevKit products next year, and enthusiasts can already sign for the waiting list.

Read more about NextMind here.  


Photo: Jussi Hellsten