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What’s so special about Node by Slush?

Node by Slush – build investor relationships, connect with founders worldwide and learn first-hand from leading founders throughout the year.

Are you looking for funding, willing to build relationships with investors or getting connected with successful entrepreneurs? It doesn’t matter if you are still looking to find product-market fit or you have already reached it.

By joining Node by Slush you will get free access to monthly community events in which you can actively interact with investors, VCs, and peer founders going through the same struggles you are facing, expand your network and ask for advice from people who have done it before! 

Applying for joining the Node platform is very easy. You just need to fill in our application. After that, our team reviews your startup profile and will give you an answer in less than a week. Once accepted, you will immediately be in our startup founder community and get direct access to all the resources available to you in the platform.

100% free and 100% online.

Join Node by Slush

Join a pre-vetted community of the world’s most promising, young, tech driven startups with scalable business models. Here’s a sneak peek on what you’ll find on the platform:

Investor Matchmaking Sprints

You’ll have a chance to meet up with investors 1-on-1 to pitch your startup. Polish your pitch deck and be ready to convince them in 15 minutes! It’s that easy, are you ready to kick-start your funding campaign? These virtual meetings are also a great individual opportunity to get feedback and ask questions to these investors and VCs to fix your biggest struggles in your startup journey.

Spoiler alert: Several first encounters in our Matchmaking Sprints have led to follow-up meetings with the participating investors.

Investor Office Hours

What if you’re not ready yet to close a deal with an investor, but will be needing the funds in the future? We got you covered! You can build relationships with investors from our partnering funds through our Investor Office Hours.

You might even find your investment partner for your current and future founder journey. Curious to know who they are? We have partnerships with EQT Ventures, Molten Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Cherry Ventures, Creandum, Target Global, UVC Partners and many more!

Mentoring Sessions

Finally, for those curious minds and life-long learning spirits out there. Have you always wanted to chat with a successful entrepreneur about their learnings and experiences? You can do so now through our Mentoring Sessions.

You can access first-hand information about their founder journey and how they also struggled like you. They are available to solve all your doubts related to your startup or theirs. So be ready to shoot your questions.

Some of our mentors that have had sessions in Node include:

  • Georgie Smallwood (CPO at TIER)
  • Karri Saarinen (CEO & Co-founder of Linear)
  • Bobby Healy (CEO & Founder of Manna Drone Delivery)
  • Henri Moissinac (Co-Founder & CEO of Dott)
  • Heikki Nousiainen (Co-founder & CTO of Aiven)
  • and Jiri Heinonen (Co-founder of Swappie).

If reading this article sparked your curiosity and this is something you are interested in, you should not wait any longer to accelerate your entrepreneurial career.

Join us in our Node by Slush platform by signing up here and we’ll be delighted to support your founder journey throughout the year.