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Welcome to Investor Day at Slush 2022

Want to get a head start on Slush by meeting fellow investors already ahead of Day 1? Interested in hearing thoughts and advice from the leading thinkers in venture capital? Looking for a casual & fun gathering of peers? Welcome to Investor Day!

Investor Day gathers all investors coming to Slush for an afternoon together on Day 0, Nov 16 from 2 to 7 pm and you can register your place there by Sep 6, with information about registration being found here.

Investor Day is laser-focused on connecting investors with one another through a variety of activities such as peer-to-peer roundtables, venture-focused stage program, and free networking.

If you get tired of the networking, we’ll also have a super fun Investor Playground where you can challenge your friends and play arcade games, as well as sit down and take a moment to answer pressing emails or Slack messages. Read more about the program below!

Stage program

As repeat Slush visitors will know, our stage program is focused on hands-on company-building advice. While that’s invaluable for the 4,200 startup founders & operators attending Slush, investors might be left empty-handed. Cue the Investor Day stage program, which will provide two hours of highly relevant content for venture investors. The exact agenda & speakers will be published on the Investor Day website prior to the event.


The hectic Slush days rarely give investors an opportunity to discuss current industry trends together. The solution? Investor Day Roundtables. Enjoy a 45-minute discussion with nine peers, hosted by an expert on the topic. Each Roundtable discussion will have its designated Notion page to prepare you for the discussion, as well as collect contact details of your fellow session members. Signups for the Roundtables will open through a separate Typeform in early October.

Free networking

This one really needs no introduction. Grab a glass of sparkling & mingle with new and old friends to casual DJ music. Feel awkward meeting new people? No worries, we’ll provide you with a list of icebreakers to get the conversation going.

Investor Playground

Tired of just discussing work? Take a breather in our Investor Playground and enjoy our lounge area and arcade. The area is also perfect for answering a couple of quick emails in between stage talks or roundtables.

Interested in joining? Registration will open Sep 6 and all Investor and Angel Investor ticket holders will be notified about it separately. Even though all Investor Pass holders are warmly welcome to the event, we still require separate registration to make sure we don’t exceed the maximum capacity of the venue.

Psst! We also have something fun planned for those arriving in Helsinki extra early: between 12 and 2 pm on Day 0 we’re organizing a handful of Experience Events for a limited amount of investors. This year the experiences include a guided tour of Helsinki onboard a retro trampadel and yoga as well as traditional sauna & ice swimming.

Registration for our Investor Day, including taking part in any of our activities, will open Sep 6.  You can read more about the Experience Events & registration here. Be sure to be fast: we’re accepting people on a first-come first-serve basis.