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Sandstorms, video games and waterfalls

Let us introduce the Slush 2019 venue.

Imagine. You’re in Pasila, one of the ugliest neighborhoods in Helsinki, standing outside Helsinki Exhibition Centre. It’s late November, windy, gloomy, and +2 degrees – just perfectly uncomfortable. 

You start walking, collect your Slush badge and enter through the doors. And this is when you enter the rabbit hole called Slush 2019.

Slush 2019 Venue: Futurism Re-Imagined

Each year the design process of Slush starts with a tabula rasa. Together with Sun Effects – the design and production company that has been creating Slush worlds since 2011, we aim to create a space where our attendees are set for a startling adventure.

The visual theme of Slush 2019 can be condensed into two words, Futurism re-imagined: With the design inspired by science and time, we’re examining how futurism has been interpreted at different times. 

And how will that look then? Add together 70’s space travels and Star Wars, the 80’s futuristic games, robots, CRT TVs, hologram materials… and of course the lasers and smoke that our event is known for.

Expanding the Slush frenzy

Let’s get back to this little imaginary tour of ours. You’ve now entered the venue, walked down the stairs and left your coat at the cloakroom. You’ve grabbed yourself a nice cup of coffee and started exploring the area.

This year, the Slush venue is bigger than ever. We are expanding our event area to 45 600 m2 and welcoming 25,000 people on both days. Briefly, Slush 2019 consists of:

  • three stages and two studios
  • a massive Meeting Area with 330 tables and over 30 investor lounges
  • over 150 booths for our startups, scaleups, and partners
  • four cafés, and a Food Market with several restaurants
  • Sauna Village, Slush Store and, as always, something completely new

The three stages – Founder Stage, Saga Stage, and Quantum Stage – are always the crown jewel of the venue, each of them with unique characteristics.

Let’s take a quick sneak peek to the quirkiest one this year; Quantum Stage, framed by an insane 55-meter wide screen at the back, painting the horizon pink and blue with moving pink clouds. And in front, 300,000 kilos of sand. The experience that could be described as desert meets space invaders, is completed with three massive suns circulating above the audience. We can ensure that the stage will be adequate for even the most radiant stage persona.

Action. Rest. Action. Rest.

In addition to all the visual fireworks, we always want to improve the Slush experience by catering to the needs of our attendees. This means more working space, more places where to meet, and more areas just for relaxing.

Let us present three totally new concepts for this year’s Slush: Coworking Space, Secret Garden, and Arcade Brutality.

Coworking Space, powered by Framery, is designed for ad hoc meetings and collaborative work. With several Framery meeting pods, comfortable tables and chairs and a more relaxed atmosphere, this will be the area for you to send that first offer, finish your deck or have a quick call.

Right next to the Coworking Space, you’ll find the Secret Garden – the place for the most immersive zen-like tranquility. The garden is surrounded by waterfalls which make it a perfect spot for relaxing and escaping the Slush frenzy.

The third completely new concept is hiding in the shadows of the massive Meeting Area and Slush Store. Arcade Brutality serves the old-school videogames fanatics with over ten video game machines from the ’80s. Challenge your colleagues to a battle or just have some plain old fun between your meetings.

Think that’s all? This bizarre retro-futuristic rabbit hole called Slush 2019 has various other hand-crafted, unexpected surprises. But you know what? We’ll save them for you to find yourself.

See you in Helsinki in 62 days!