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Matching bright minds with relevant startups at Slush.

Tech Race is a series of mini-hackathons that aims to bring like-minded people together and lower the barrier of hackathons. The Tech Race events fall into two main categories: Tech Race Europe and Tech Race Finland.

Slush has partnered up with Junction in Tech Race Europe. The concept We aim to includes several events in Europe and outside and a week in Helsinki including access to Junction, Slush, a number of company excursions, recruiting events and exclusive gatherings.

The Europe events

During September and October, Slush and Junction will tour through nine different cities in Europe and Africa to organize mini hackathons together with a local partner.

These events are aimed for everyone, from beginners to the most prominent techies.

The participants will be given a large pool of challenges to choose from. The more difficult the challenge, the more points you collect. No matter your experience level, you will definitely be able to solve some of them but definitely not all.

The hackers with best points will earn direct access to the Final Week in Helsinki, which includes access to both Junction and Slush 2019.

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The mini hackathon series will culminate in a 9-day program in Helsinki (and Espoo) during Junction and Slush. A hand-picked group of 25 tech talents across Europe & beyond are invited to Helsinki and showcased the most top-of-the-wave companies that are coming to Slush.

This comes with an exclusive program for the group, consisting of participation in Junction, dinners, company visits, and other more relaxed and fun activities in Helsinki. Flights and accommodation will be covered. 



You can apply until Oct 13. In case of acceptance, you’ll be flying in Helsinki on Nov 14 or 15. Junction will take place on Nov 15-17 and  Slush on Nov 21–22. The program ends on Nov 23. 



You can already apply through our website (remember that you need to apply to Junction separately). This means you do not have to partake in any of the pre-events. However, those who do and gain the most points in each city earn a direct acceptance to the Helsinki week.

The applications for Tech Race Final Week closed on Oct 13.

“It was an unforgettable week. Useful meetings and experience.”

Participant, 2018