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We are

At the core of the community that runs Slush lies our full-time team. We come in all shapes and sizes, but are united by our relentless curiosity, entrepreneurial drive, and ambition to create meaningful change. If it sounds like you might enjoy working alongside us, check out our open positions or send an open application.

Our values

A strong desire to know or learn something new

We ask questions emphatically, give candid feedback often to help each other grow, and enthusiastically share what we’ve read and learned. We love people who are insanely passionate or obsessed about something.


The ability to do something that frightens one

When setting goals, we ask ourselves “are we thinking too small?”. We talk about our challenges openly and aim to solve them together. We openly admit failures and share what we learned from them.

Trust by default
Do what’s best for Slush

We give and express trust from day one. We are careful to do only what’s best for Slush, and expect the same of our peers. We avoid unnecessary hierarchies and believe decisions should be made by the team member with the most domain expertise of the topic.


The quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people

We look to give back relentlessly to help the surrounding community. We remind ourselves that it is always Day 1 at Slush – past success is no guarantee of a bright future. We share our learnings openly because helping and creating founders is not a zero-sum game.



Long-term thinking
The ability to think long-term in everything

By optimizing for the long term in our decision-making, we aim to leave Slush and the world in a better shape than we got it. We don’t want to be in a position where we have won the battle but lost the war. For instance, our personal health always trumps the concepts we execute.

Want to join the team? Check out our open positions for 2022.

Our full-time team works out of Helsinki, Finland. While we will expect you to spend certain periods of time at the office, we provide flexible options for remote work.

Open application

We’re always up for a chat with exceptional individuals. To submit an open application, drop our COO Aino a line at [email protected].

Please include your CV or LinkedIn profile.

Our team

All Team 2022

Adrien Fernandez

Dev Ops

Aino Bergius

Chief Operating Officer

Aino-Maija Muntila

Head of People

Anna Song

People Ops

Annika Leppäaho

Art Director

Antonia Eneh

Strategic Partnerships

Axel Adlercreutz

Head of Technology

Eerika Savolainen

Chief Executive Officer

Ekaterina Povarenko

UX/UI Designer

Elin Dölker

Investor Operations

Jessica Jäntti

People Operations

Joona Puro

Head of Finance

Katri Teräsniska

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Kimmo Pesonen

Junior Web Developer

Lara Kanerva

Head of Marketing

Linda Björkenheim

Head of Investors

Marko Voutilainen

Head of Startups

Maxine Buchert

Marketing & Comms

Miikka Talja

Chief Financial Officer

Natalie Lingwood

Strategic Partnerships

Ossi Tuominen


Reetta Pesonen

Head of Media & PR

Santeri Toivanen

Chief Marketing Officer

Sebastian Juuri

Head of Partnerships

Sofi Laakso


Valtteri Meriläinen


Venla Rantanen


Companies founded by Slush alumni