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Our values

We are

At the core of the community that runs Slush lies our full-time team. We come in all shapes and sizes, but are united by our relentless curiosity, entrepreneurial drive, and ambition to create meaningful change. If it sounds like you might enjoy working alongside us, check out our open positions or send an open application.


We’re a team held together not by hierarchies and rules, but by a shared vision of how we want to change the world. This is what we believe in.

Be curious

We are always learning and growing, never complete. We know that getting incrementally better every day is transformative in the long run. We ask questions emphatically, give candid feedback to help each other grow, and enthusiastically share what’ve read and learned.


Trust by default

Instead of hierarchies, our team is built on trust and accountability. We give and express that trust from day one. We are careful to do only what’s best for Slush, and expect the same of our peers.



Our story is one of courage. From taking an unrelenting stance against harassment at our event to buying a whole flight from SFO to HEL, we look to do what others wouldn’t dream of.


Stay humble

We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We acknowledge that Slush has never been a one-person project, but the achievement of a community. Therefore, we’re looking to give back relentlessly.



Embrace sustainability

We embrace sustainability by taking responsibility for the change we want to see. We will leave Slush and the world in a better shape than it was given to us. We think long-term. We work to create a highly ambitious but healthy working culture.


Companies founded by Slush alumni

Want to join the team? Check out our open positions for 2022:

Our full-time team works out of Helsinki, Finland.

Open Application

We’re always up for a chat with exceptional individuals. To submit an open application, drop our CEO Miika a line at miika.huttunen(at) Please include your CV or LinkedIn profile.