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Slush is proud to introduce a unisex collection of urban clothes and accessories. This year’s collection is inspired by dark urban vibes — from concrete warehouses to the neon lights scanning through the air in a nighttime city — a familiar setting where Slush takes place. The limited edition is available at Slush 2019. All materials are made from 100% recycled textile waste.


Like in the past years, the collection includes t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. But just so the Slush look wouldn’t get too comfortable, we’ve added some kicking novelties. One of the stars of this year’s collection are the bright neon socks. Slush design teamed up with AIM by Mia and came up with a striking pair of socks, where a ribbed classic meets street style. These statement socks are a true Slush collectible gem.


For the first time ever Slush merch also has something for those keen on self-care: a skincare selection by Laponie Cosmetics with a special Slush cosmetics kit. This no-nonsense skincare has only one job, which is to work. And just so we don’t harm others on they way, all products are 100% vegan.


Stock up on your Slush 2019 gear by visiting Store during Slush, Nov 21–22. See you then, you au courant you!
Photography by Federico Cabrera / As You Are