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Startup Studio Agenda Is Out – Welcome to the New Era of Tech

What will our everyday life look like in 2030?

At an accelerating pace, our startup ecosystem is answering life-shaping questions like how we produce energy, eat, interact with technology, or consume in the future.

When curating the Startup Studio stage our team had one goal in mind – to highlight ambitious companies building disruptive tech.

We have hand-picked the 86 boldest early-stage startups, the visionaries who mold the building blocks of our everyday life in 2030. These startups will take you on a two-day, one-way journey to the new era of tech.

The Startup Studio is the home of five unapologetically forward-facing concepts:


Product Showcase

Welcome to the Break of Dawn of Biotech, Foodtech, Fusion & Renewables, Quantum, Space, New Interfaces, AI/ML, Web3, and New Materials.

The 27 startups working at the core of these technologies will demo their products and take you to the future.

See Product Showcase


Emerging Hubs Showcase

Building a tech startup is hard – imagine doing that in an emerging country with equal amounts of opportunities and hurdles.

That’s why we bring eight African, Middle Eastern, and Pakistani Series A startups to share their growth stories on stage.

They are top VC-backed companies leading the tech-driven shift in emerging, fast-growing ecosystems.

See Emerging Hubs Showcase


Product Launch

Product Launch. This concept has been home to various startup success stories, including the product launch of Oura Gen 2.

Starting from Day 1, future pioneers will launch their first-ever product to the public, while Day 2 showcases launches by startups in the early growth stage.

See Product Launch


Nordic Showcase

The north is known for consecutively producing high-growth companies.

Many of these startups – like Kahoot, Bolt, and Veriff – were part of Nordic Showcase at the beginning of their journey.

Come and discover the twelve most promising startups from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Estonia.

See Nordic Showcase


Slush 100 semifinals

The 11th edition of the crown jewel of Slush is here.

The Startup Studio will host the top 20 startups competing for the three spots in the finals.

The winner takes home a 1,000,000€ investment from Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed, NEA, and Northzone, the very best early-stage funds in Europe.


Visit the Slush 2022 Agenda here to see what’s going down and when.

Join us in the new era of tech.

See you Nov 17 at 10:30 am at Startup Studio.