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Heart of the Baltic Tech

Discover investment, talent and relocation opportunities at the heart of the Baltics

Heart of the Baltic Tech

Latvia has been steadily growing as an emerging startup hub. With a population under 2 million people, the country has not only supported the growth of local startups with flexible regulations and business infrastructure but increasingly positioned itself as the headquarters for many international startups looking for the best launchpad to grow.

One of the highest GDP growth rates in the European Union (EU), the lowest rate of COVID-19 infections, affordable costs of operation, high quality of living, and favourable startup-visa for founders and other startup support perks such as significant tax breaks for highly skilled employees attract investors, talent and nascent startups.

Latvia can boast a high-tech digital infrastructure and an ambitious, talented and multilingual workforce makes it easier for founders based in Riga to build strong international teams with a global outlook from day one.

Meanwhile, the government focus is on a fast and efficient approach to ensure a flexible and favourable business environment custom-built for companies with innovation in mind and a scaling potential as the highest priority.

To give you a taste of what the Latvian ecosystem can offer and has yielded so far, TechChill together with its strategic partner Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and supported by the European Regional Development Fund are bringing to your attention some of the brightest and most ambitious Latvian growth-stage startups for your consideration.