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A remote monitoring solution for diabetes management.

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DIABNEXT is a remote monitoring solution for diabetes management. It combines a web platform for healthcare professionals and a mobile application for patients. The patient’s app is connected to two connected devices that automatically retrieve your data. In France, the DIABNEXT solution is fully reimbursed by the public health insurance fund, as part of the ETAPES program which is a Telemonitoring program.

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Our story

Laurent, DIABNEXT’s co-founder, was diagnosed Type 1 diabetic about 12 years ago and he found out very quickly that managing his diabetes will take a lot of his time. It is one of the rare diseases where the patient has to self- manage its condition. To do that you also need to write down all of your data in a self-monitoring logbook for you but also to help your doctor. As a patient, Laurent has an idea of what was to simplify the daily life of patients. With DIABNEXT, the ambition has been to respond to that:

-Removing the daily burden in daily life but also-Simplifying the therapeutic follow-up by healthcare teams,

-Reducing the complications due to Not monitoring the disease properly and also

-Reducing the health costs due to any complications occurring with that disease. So with the Diabnext solution, the patients no longer have to enter their data manually in their logbook, it done automatically for them.

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Laurent Nicolas, CEO