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Belgium breathes science and technology. Our universities and colleges are among the best in the world and train innovative talent. Our companies and research centers unite in clusters to tackle innovative projects together. Our technology-driven start-ups and companies are conquering the world.

Belgium is a pioneer in high-tech industries. The tight ecosystem of private companies and research centers together with a supportive government has created an innovative and vibrant startup ecosystem where starting and scaling up your business is easy and funding is available.

Besides an excellent location close to the EU institutions and Europe’s purchasing power, Belgium offers one of the most productive and multilingual employment pools around the globe. This together with the affordable rental prices for offices is attracting increasingly more startups and scaleups to cities like Antwerp, Brussels, and Ghent.

Flanders Investment & Trade and are proud to present to you a selection of 10 promising startups from Belgium. Be our guest and start exploring the Belgian Startup Pavilion!