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Startup entrepreneurs not left to their own devices in Helsinki

Helsinki wants to be one of the world’s most captivating locations for innovative start-up activities and the most attractive competence hub for startups and individuals who want to make the world a better place. Here, Helsinki and the Slush startup community share the same values and goals. This is why Helsinki and Slush keep working together this autumn to develop and build the future of startup activities.

The current coronavirus pandemic challenges the traditional operating models and forces us to come up with new ways of doing things. This year, Slush has opted for the Node by Slush community in lieu of a physical event. The curated startup community offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors alike to network, regardless of their location.

In addition to Node by Slush, the growth-minded in Helsinki are bolstered by Helsinki’s initiative to open the new NewCo Accelerator incubator and accelerator service for startups. The main target group for the accelerator services consists of high-potential startup companies looking for external financing, but which are unable to find a suitable service provider due to the financial crisis brought on by the coronavirus. Through the program, it will be possible to offer counseling for a group of budding startups, which are still lacking the readiness for growth. The service works to support Helsinki-based teams and to help foreign teams settle in Helsinki.

“Slush is much more than a single event. Its significance for the development of Helsinki’s startup community is bigger than it appears. It was clear from the start that Helsinki wants to carry on with the notable Slush partnership from last year, despite the fact that there will be no physical event this year. The collaboration between Helsinki and Node by Slush is another indication of the fact that the startup entrepreneur is not left to their own devices in Helsinki”, says Mayor Jan Vapaavuori.

City enables participation in Node by Slush for 100 Helsinki-based startups

Furthermore, the City of Helsinki supports the activities of Helsinki-based startups by paying for the participation and mentoring of one hundred Helsinki-based startups on the Node by Slush community. Slush has chosen Helsinki-based companies that are looking for growth-enabling connections. Helsinki is also taking part in the arrangements behind Node by Slush, as NewCo Helsinki’s enterprise specialists will host workshops as part of the community’s activities. The contents of the workshops are planned in collaboration between Slush and NewCo Helsinki. The City of Helsinki is also engaged in a research co-operation with Slush concerning the development and well-being of the startup ecosystem in Helsinki. The objective is to get an improved conception of the situation in the local startup ecosystem.

Applications for Node by Slush has started on 26th of August at The speakers and schedules for the Node by Slush online gatherings are available on the same site. The action on the community’s platform kicks off in its entirety on 9 September 2020.

Node by Slush – where the startup world meets

Node by Slush supports not only the Helsinki-based startups but also the entire European startup community. Slush’s vision remains the same: to create a world where, despite who you are or where you are, the resources to build a world-changing company are available. The new community is a concrete step in realizing the vision. Node by Slush provides startups and investors around the world with tools for communicating, learning from each other, and supporting growth. It is directed especially at European early-stage startups looking for connections, investors, and partners that can enable growth.

The activities of the Node by Slush virtual community consist of mentoring services, workshops, and keynote programs. The program will also include meetings with investors.

“In 2008 Slush was born in the middle of The Great Recession as the beacon of hope. Much like in the early days of Slush, we want to bring hope for entrepreneurs amid the uncertainty also now”, tells Miika Huttunen, the CEO of Slush.

“The coronavirus pandemic has changed the game for most startups and investors – there is no way to meet and network as we are used to. The lack of connections is devious for a young company and it has direct implications on your ability to raise funding, spar with mentors, or learn from their peers. That’s what we’re trying to fix with Node by Slush,” adds Huttunen.

Further information

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