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Have an idea you want to share?

Are you a freelancer keen to aid and inspire the European startup ecosystem? An ecosystem professional eager to get your word out there through a guest article? Do you have a generation-defining founder you want to pitch for our podcast?

Soaked by Slush aims to be shamelessly founder-focused, offering timeless company-building lessons, hands-on operational advice, and intriguing stories from the startup ecosystem to the people who build and operate high-growth companies.

Here are some general guidelines to get you started.

Article guidelines

While we live for creative pieces and insights at Soaked, our focus is on current and future founders and operators – specifically on giving them the tools they need to succeed. As such, our content should add value through concrete advice and executable steps that our readers can use to actively improve their work. Let’s not just tell our audience that user retention is key; let’s also tell them how to increase user retention and how others have succeeded in it.

Key details

Topic: While we are open to most topics, the ones listed on our content page here are our primary focus.

 Please note that we are a long-form insights startup media – we don’t do startup news. 

Style: You can read our white paper to get a feel for Slush, Soaked, and our general mission. Even easier than that is reading our current content to get a sense of what we’re looking for. 

Specific types of articles can include guest pens, interviews, or research deep dives. Articles we get excited about are usually hyper-concrete guides on niche company building aspects, whether that be customer acquisition, pivoting, or choosing your investors.

Length: While we have no set limit, we specialize in long-form commentary, and so most pieces are upwards of 2,000 words.



Passionate about another idea outside of these guidelines? Please pitch to us by sending a message to [email protected]