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Have an idea for an article or podcast?

Are you a freelancer keen to write fresh stories on the European startup ecosystem? An ecosystem professional keen to have your word out there through a guest article? Know the best person out there to pitch for our podcast?

… Here are some guidelines to get you started!

What floats our boat? We’re pretty keen to hear even your most creative ideas (or maybe especially those), but here are some guidelines that will improve your chances. 

Soaked by Slush is a startup media focused on the European startup ecosystem. Since Soaked is first and foremost for founders and operators – both existing and future ones – a big focus is creating content that adds value to them. What this means is hands-on pieces with tangible advice to founders and operators that will help them take the next necessary steps on their journey to success. Let’s not just tell founders that user retention is key…how can they actually increase their retention rates? What have others who’ve been successful at this have to say? 

Sometimes we also like to discuss the bigger phenomena and pressing issues making waves in the ecosystem, but at the same time we’re all about bridging that gap between higher-level ideas and their practical implementation. 

…In some more detail

Article length
As a long-form media we’re not about news, but hands-on advice and commentary. As such, while we don’t have a set word count for our written pieces, they tend to measure from the 1,000 mark upwards.


Article types
Guest pens, Feature articles, Research, Interviews


For topics, it may be useful to have a look at the different topic categories we have.


General feel
You can also familiarize yourself with our white paper to get a sense of what Slush and Soaked by Slush are all about more generally… and you know, you can always have a read or a listen



If you have an idea you’re passionate about, we’re always keen to hear, even if it doesn’t fall neatly under these specs. Shoot us a message at [email protected]