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About Soaked

Soaked is a new digital media created by the Slush community.

Soaked by Slush exists to create the kind of in-depth journalism that we believe European tech needs to flourish. We are all about hyper-concrete stories on building companies, fresh takes on European tech, and data-driven observations about the world around us.

In addition to our own content, we curate guest contributions from founders, company builders, investors and policymakers.

In fact, uncovering the stories that European entrepreneurs deserve to hear is fundamentally a team effort. If you’ve got a story idea, or a helpful hand, drop us a line at soaked(at)

If we’re ever boring, not surprising, unfactual or behind a paywall, please tell us to stop.

Elsa Snellman

Managing Editor at Soaked

Elsa was allowed to come up with her own title, so she is now known as Managing Editor. Quite logically then, she writes articles. Elsa is also in charge of making her colleagues laugh, because she is honestly very funny.

Elsa is a meme scientist by academic training. She doesn't really know what that means, but it was pretty expensive. Because of that, Elsa is interested in the social implications of tech. Her favourite emoji is “🤪”.

Pauliina Suominen


Pauliina loves print journalism, but has somehow ended up as the head of this digital publication. Pauliina does basic Editor in Chief stuff, as in finds new talent, partnerships, stories and opportunities. But because we are a tiny ass team, she also produces and edits content.

Even though she is a journalist by craft, her heart belongs to ... the theatre. So if you spot some of our articles quoting Shakespeare or old Finnish poems, don’t be weirded out.

Tommi Bergström

Head of Research

Tommi is Head of Research at Slush, and swims deep in the ocean of data that underpins our articles. Are you having enough of the aquatic jokes? Soaked, ocean, get it?

Tommi’s LinkedIn bio says: “Passionately interested in everything,'' which is not entirely true, but he thinks it sounds cool. He likes to entertain existential thoughts that lead nowhere. His mum thinks he is perfect.

Karin Gellman

Art Director