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About Soaked by Slush

Soaked by Slush is a shamelessly founder-focused startup media that delivers timeless company-building lessons, hands-on operational advice, and intriguing stories from the startup ecosystem to the people who build and operate high-growth companies.

As a founder-focused startup media, we endeavor to:

  • Provide actions, not just words
  • Put early-stage founders and operators first
  • Have a little bit of fun

In addition to our own content, we curate guest contributions from founders, operators, investors, and other ecosystem experts.

Who produces Soaked by Slush?


Susan Hyttinen, Editor-in-Chief


All Soaked roads lead through Susan Hyttinen. Susan is the engine of Soaked, editing and writing article content, and managing the product as a whole. Susan started at Slush in 2021 and has master’s degrees from the LSE and Sciences Po. She likes to spend her free time singing and songwriting, learning new things, and playing football.

Elias Tritter, Editor


The Soaked team doubled in size in February 2022 with Elias Tritter. Elias mostly deals with formatting, marketing, and a side serving of every other task Soaked requires. With a background in law, Elias is excited by technology, frameworks that work, and obsessing over the perfect sentence. In his free time, he plays rugby, sings, and comes up with the next set of puns for marketing materials.

Mikko Mäntylä, Soaked Podcast & Slush President


Mikko Mäntylä is the closest you can get to describing a ‘Slush lifer,’ having worked his way up from customer insights to Slush presidency in 2021. Mikko took charge of the podcast in 2022, bringing his Slush–cumulated experience to interviewing, editing, and producing podcast content. Any existing free time he has goes into watching motorsports, debating politics, and eating buffet sushi.


Elmo Pakkanen, Chief Product Officer


Having started in 2018, Elmo Pakkanen organizes the overall product strategy and oversees the overall content vision for all non-event-related Slush products, including Soaked. Elmo ensures that Soaked is working at maximum efficiency and is producing the content you want. While not working, Elmo enjoys pop culture, American football, and bread.

How to contact us?

Got essential insight for founders that you want to share? Pitch your idea to us!

Any other questions, quibbles, or comments? Share your thoughts to [email protected]

You can also follow us on one of the following social media – or even better, all of them – and let us know you’re there. As an added bonus, you’ll be the first to know about all of our future content.