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2018 – AI


Bringing the local communities together to understand the current state of AI and what's in store for the future.


On November 29, 2018, Small Talks in Paris brought together the top players working in the field of AI and discussed how to increase collaboration between corporates and startups.

The event was twofold: the first part was an invite-only reception, where executives and startup founders get to meet and mingle. The second part catered a broader audience, and the program is all about leading European venture capitalists, corporate execs, academics and startup founders sharing their viewpoints and experiences around working with AI.


The concept of Slush Small Talks is a perfect example of what the Slush ethos is all about. Our events are always first and foremost about founders, by founders. Whether you are looking for investors, customers, talent or mentoring, Slush offers a unique opportunity to reach the global audience and engage with the tech community.

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