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2018 – GROWTH


Founders, investors, and tech executives gathering together for the first ever Slush event in India.

In a nutshell

For Small Talks Hyderabad, Slush teamed up with T-Hub, a global startup catalyst helping entrepreneurs with scaling companies, to kick off the fast-emerging relationship between Indian and European startup ecosystems. The aim of the collaboration was crystal clear. We wanted to extend our matchmaking power to the Indian ecosystem, aiming to help Indian tech entrepreneurs to connect with top-tier investors, partners and media, both on local and global level.

Themes for the first Small Talks in India revolved around growth and user acquisition. How to lead a team which is growing at fast pace? How to get your first thousand customers? Fireside chats, panel discussions, mingling, real talk from founders of up-and-coming companies: stuff you actually want to hear about. We featured both Indian startup ecosystem and their suitable European counterparts. 


The concept of Slush Small Talks is a perfect example of what the Slush ethos is all about. Our events are always first and foremost about founders, by founders. Whether you are looking for investors, customers, talent or mentoring, Slush offers a unique opportunity to reach the global audience and engage with the tech community.

Where else did we go in 2018?