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Slush & Tietoevry to announce Main Partnership for 2022

Slush is proud to announce a Main Partnership with Tietoevry. In 2016, 2017 and 2018, the organizations have been partnering up with the aim to boost innovation and growth together with the vibrant startup ecosystem. The shared journey between Slush and Tietoevry will be continued in Helsinki during November 17-18, 2022.

Like Slush, Tietoevry believes that to overcome humanity’s most pressing problems technology should have a purpose that contributes to a better world, and to accomplish this, we need the next generation of entrepreneurs, VCs, and corporations to work together for this common goal.

“We at Slush work to encourage companies to acknowledge their greater responsibility not only to shareholders but to the planet, society, and their employees. We couldn’t be more excited to have Tietoevry joining us. Through this collaboration, we’re able to empower Slush community members to learn about purposeful technology, and build a future where business, society, and humanity can thrive.“ – Eerika Savolainen, CEO, Slush.

“We participate at Slush to display and boost our commitment to the Slush themes of the decade centered around diversity & inclusion, purpose-driven change, and revolutionary innovation. The event and the Slush ecosystem at large provide a much-needed platform of innovation spirit and inspiration for a tech-empowered sustainable future. This is also the feeling we want to convey about the tech industry overall, to make it the workplace of choice for talent with diverse backgrounds. Together we can reinvent the world for good.” – Kimmo Alkio, CEO, Tietoevry.

Tietoevry is at the center of modernizing some of the core citizen services such as Nordic healthcare, accelerating digital banking, addressing the future of energy – and injecting ethical design and sustainable thinking across services. These are also industries and topics that are visible with the startups and attendees joining Slush this year. Slush’s laser-lit hallways are tread by startups searching for partners, tech companies looking to do business, and talent on the hunt for opportunities. Tietoevry will be supporting Slush’s focus in 2022 on helping a new generation of founders and talent to tackle the most momentous issues of our time with concrete know-how.

We’re beyond excited to welcome Tietoevry back as our partner and are looking forward to seeing our collaboration come to life at Slush 2022!

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