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Slush Official Side Events have grown to be an essential part of the Slush program, providing the Slush audience with the latest insights and excellent networking opportunities within a specific domain.

This year, five Slush Official Side Events are organized during the Slush week. These events are prominent industry gatherings organized by thought-leading Slush partners. These events are the place to be for those who want to stay on top of their game and ahead of the upcoming trends. 

Dive in to see what we have in store for you at Slush 2022.


Y Science 

How can we inspire concrete action and contribution to society in the field of life sciences?

Helsinki Institute of Life Science (HiLIFE) – University of Helsinki, Finnish Forest Industries, Health Capital Helsinki, and Viikki Food Design Factory

Messukeskus, Siipi 101AB

Nov 17, 12–4 pm

Topics discussed: Health and Pharma, Environment and Forest, Food Systems

Y Science is an event that brings together the curious scientific community and the business world to inspire concrete action and contribution to society in the field of life sciences. Y Science invites all those enthusiastic about life sciences and commercialization of research for a moment of mutual enlightenment.

The event program will be divided into three sessions, each with its own pitching competition and focus on the following themes: Health & Pharma, Environment & Forest, and Food Systems.

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When Science Meets & Greets Entrepreneurship

Helsinki Innovation Services and University of Helsinki

Think Corner (Tiedekulma), Yliopistonkatu 4

Nov 17, 5–8 pm

Topics discussed: Science-Based Innovations and Spinouts, Deeptech, Impact Investment

There are three scenarios that we believe in: science-based innovations will change the world, science-based spinouts have the proven potential to become hugely successful businesses, and the future may be changed by those who believe and back them early on.

In the event, we break out many inspiring research cases and share insights on how to make science-based innovations flourish for the benefit of the world.

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Startups for Sustainable Development

How can impact startups help reach Europe’s climate goal?


Messukeskus, Siipi 101AB

Nov 18, 10 am–12 pm

Topics discussed: Sustainability, Impact Startups

Europe has set an ambitious climate goal to reduce global warming, and an abundance of new impact startups are being founded with a mission to improve the planet.

At this event, startups, investors, organizations, and corporate partners come together to discuss how we can accelerate and support the role of impact startups in creating a more sustainable future that benefits all. We will also share more details on how Google’s program supporting Startups for Sustainable Development can help accelerate the impact of startups that are addressing sustainable development goals.

Join us for panels, keynotes, and startup presentations contemplating a future where impact startups have a pivotal role in creating a more sustainable future. This event is hosted by Google, which has set a target of being carbon-free by 2030.

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Fintech & Impact: Born for This Moment

How to drive a prosperous future through fintech and impact tech?

Mastercard Lighthouse

Messukeskus, Siipi 101AB

Nov 18, 3–6 pm

Topics discussed: Fintech, Partnerships, Impact, Sustainability

Crisis creates opportunity. Fifteen years ago, fintech was born as a response to the financial crisis. Likewise, impact capitalism rose from a recognition that we must do more to protect the powerless and the planet. Today, as new storm clouds threaten our collective prosperity, we know one thing: Innovators were born for this moment. Join us for startup pitches, panels, and keynotes dedicated to today’s most pressing opportunities. 

This event is hosted by Mastercard Lighthouse, the #1 Nordic and Baltic platform for scaling partnerships. Join to see the hand-picked fintech and impact leaders pitch on stage and the winners of fall class 2022 announced!

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Open Protocol

BACKED VC and Galaxy Interactive

Valkoinen Sali

Nov 16, 10 am–6 pm

Topics Discussed: Web3

Open Protocol brings together 300 leading Web3 minds, crypto-natives, agnostics, and cynics to discuss, debate, and deep dive into this breakthrough field – exploring everything from technological challenges to communities, adoption, regulation, societal impact, and beyond.

Expect an electrifying by-insiders-for-insiders atmosphere and intriguing discussions ranging from panels and keynotes to networking.

Join the community gathering to discuss the future of Web3.

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