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Slush launches a new Soaked by Slush podcast – interviewing the biggest names from the startup ecosystem

Fancy a mini-version of Slush once a week from the comfort of your sofa or the significantly less comfortable treadmill? The Soaked by Slush podcast will bring you stories and hands-on advice from the most interesting entrepreneurs, the greatest investors and the serious up and comers of the startup ecosystem, every Thursday. 

Confirmed guests include Founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, Ex VP of People & Culture at Reddit and current Partner at Initialized Capital, Katelin Holloway and Global Chief Creative Officer of Oatly, John Schoolcraft, among others.

Each episode will be packed with interesting stories, rock-solid advice and snippets of wisdom for anyone interested in building or running a company. And of course, some lasers.

“Slush’s main event is known for its stage program, where we invite the biggest names from the ecosystem to share their ideas and advice with founders and founders-to-be. Through the newly launched Soaked by Slush podcast, we’re trying to tap into the wisdom of these people and share their advice with our community throughout the Fall of 2020″, tells Anna Brchisky, Head of Communications and PR at Slush.

The Soaked by Slush podcast will be hosted by William von der Pahlen and Isak Rautio, best known for their popular Futucast podcast in Finland. The podcast team also includes Samuel Happonen and Thomas Lundström as producers. 

The podcast can be streamed from all platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcast and Youtube. New episodes will be launched every Thursday. 

The first episode with Oatly’s Global Creative Director John Schoolcraft is already out and ready – listen to it on Spotify and Apple Podcast, or watch the interview on Youtube


Without any further ado, we hope you have a listen, subscribe, rate, hate – whatever you feel like, mate.


Upcoming guests

  • Jimmy Wales – Co-Founder of Wikipedia 
  • John Schoolcraft – Global Creative Director at Oatly
  • Katelin Holloway – Partner at Initialized Capital, former VP of People and Culture at Reddit
  • Jyri Engeström – Co-Founder of Yes VC 
  • Sonya Baranova – Co-Founder of Inovat
  • Sami Marttinen – Co-Founder of Swappie 
  • Pavel Matveev – Co-Founder and CEO of Wirex 
  • Haley Sudbury – Founder of Werkin
  • Miriam Gyulumyan – Co-Founder of Lucky Carrot
  • Jonathan Rochelle – CPO of Zapier, Former Lead Product Manager at Google Drive