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Slush & AstraZeneca’s Renewed Partnership for Slush 2022


Slush is proud to announce the continuation of our global partnership with the A.Catalyst Network of the global, biopharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The renewal of our collaboration is a commitment from both organizations to drive further progress in healthcare, improving peoples’ experience, expanding their access and ensuring better outcomes for patients all around the globe.

“We welcome our partner AstraZeneca’s A.Catalyst Network back as an invaluable actor in driving true progress in healthcare. Considering the recent achievements in healthtech – like the  introduction of brain-computer interfaces allowing the paralyzed to write and restoring sight to the blind – we can only imagine how much of an impact technology will have in the future. Together with the A.Catalyst Network we look to continue to facilitate these breakthroughs also in 2022.” – Eerika Savolainen, CEO at Slush

Established in 2020, our partnership with AstraZeneca’s A.Catalyst Network, an interconnected global network of 20 AstraZeneca health innovation hubs, has already opened many doors for entrepreneurs and start-ups, giving them expanded access to resources and industry-leading mentorships, and helping them connect with like-minded partners and innovation ecosystems.

Through this collaboration, we’re able to empower Slush community members to realize their potential, helping them uplift their own capabilities and bring their solutions to market to directly impact the patient experience.

“Our partnership with Slush is about creating a connected ecosystem of health innovators who can work together to address some of the world’s greatest health challenges. Through the partnership we support the brightest minds in the industry in the co-creation of patient-focused solutions that address existing gaps in diagnosis, treatment and access.” – Ruud Dobber, EVP BioPharmaceuticals Business Unit, AstraZeneca

Through collaborations with the next generation of health innovators, Slush and AstraZeneca’s A.Catalyst Network continue to redefine progress. We’re doing this by strengthening bonds between biomedical clusters, curating the world’s leading healthcare and wellbeing content, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and becoming the go-to community for healthcare innovation globally.