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Slush 2022 Matchmaking starts Oct 3

Whether you’re looking for one of our 2,600 investors, 4,600 founders and startup operators, clients, users or advice, Slush Matchmaking is soon here to make that happen. 

From Oct 3 onwards, you can use our Matchmaking Tool to see who’s joining Slush, and start pre-booking meetings at the Slush venue for our event days. By pre-booking your most important meetings, you can make the most out of your Slush week and ensure you’ll hit all of your goals for Slush. 

If you’ve used our Matchmaking in the past, try to forget everything you know – this year we’ve seriously stepped up the game.


Here’s how to prepare for the launch:


If you haven’t yet, create a profile on the Slush Platform

If you already have a ticket but haven’t yet created a profile on the Slush Platform, start here!

Create an account


Invite your colleagues to your company profile

Adding everyone under your company profile ensures that your team members are easy to discover. If you have an investor lounge or a booth, you can book meetings there directly from the Matchmaking Tool, as long as you are a member of the correct company profile.

To Company Profile


Assign your tickets

To start using Slush Matchmaking, you need to have a ticket assigned to you. This is to ensure that everyone you see in Matchmaking is actually joining Slush! If the person from your team in charge of ticket assignment hasn’t done so yet, please remind them this week.

To Ticket Management


Make sure that your profile is up to date

By having both your personal and company profiles up to date, you can make sure that you stand out from the crowd and can book the most relevant meetings.

To Company Profile


Check your settings and preferences

If you don’t want to use Matchmaking at Slush, you can hide your profile (although we don’t recommend it!). You can also let others know what kind of profiles you are looking to meet at Slush. If you don’t know what information will be visible in Slush Matchmaking, please read our guide below.

To Settings


And you’re done! Matchmaking is now live – we can’t wait to show you the best Matchmaking Tool we’ve ever built.

We hope you are as excited as we are!

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