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Agenda is out – Go explore our stage program

The shimmer of the Break of Dawn is on the Slush stage – we embrace today’s uncertainty with a relentless belief that advances in technology are creating a better world for tomorrow.

Slush’s stage program exists to provide radically honest and timeless advice that accelerates the progress of early-stage founders. We filter out the noise to extract what builders need to know – at Slush, you’ll struggle to find a thought-leadership talk that doesn’t get straight to the core.

We believe it is those who have built iconic startups who provide the most valuable advice for founders. Every company is different, and there are no two paths to building an outstanding company that are the same. That is why we call on a diverse group of founders, operators, and investors to share their hard-earned lessons. It is then up to startup builders at Slush and beyond to pick and choose what to implement into their own ventures. First and foremost, Slush’s stage program is built to be applicable to all.

This year we have three stages: Founder Stage, Serene Stage, and Builders’ Studio.

Founder Stage will bring monumental moments at Slush for everyone, including the Opening Show, Slush 100 Finals, and this year’s newest edition: stage announcements by those sharing something unique with the world for the first time through Slush.

Serene Stage is more intimate, focusing on discussions – every talk will aim to enlighten, whether founder, investor, or operator. Sit back, relax and listen.

Builders’ Studio will teach founders and builders alike the concrete steps through pre-P/M- and post-P/M topics. Read more about Builders’ Studio here.

Startup Studio is focusing on startups of all industries and sizes, where they can showcase their product onstage and teach ultra-concrete lessons from building from the ground up. Check out the concepts here.

We build our program to be actionable, and as such, hope you’ll learn something that will truly accelerate your growth.

Slush 2022 Agenda

Hope to see you in the audience!