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Slush 100 Over the Years

The Slush 100 Pitching Competition is seen as the crown jewel of Slush, for pretty good reason.

With multiple companies winning and going on to achieve a valuation of over €100M, Slush 100 has given early-stage startups the chance to get international visibility and support from onstage to the business world.

There are a few reasons companies decide to apply to Slush 100, including the fact:
  • You showcase your company in front of thousands of investors, media from across the globe, and potential customers
  • The chance of a lifetime to pitch in front of the whole Slush audience
  • The winner gets an interview on Slush News

This year, things are pretty different for Slush 100 in 2022. Here’s why:

  • Up for grabs is €1,000,000 SAFE investment from 5 of the biggest VCs in the world: Accel, General Catalyst, Lightspeed, NEA, and Northzone.
  • These VCs don’t invest traditionally in early-stage startups together: this is the first time the world’s seen these 5 collaborate in this kind of project.
  • VC partners from each fund will be involved in every step of the Slush 100 journey. For winners of the competition, this transforms into 1-to-1 mentorship from partners in every fund involved.

While applications to Slush 100 in 2022 have closed, there are plenty of ways to prepare for the big event as an audience member or as a contestant. One of them is checking out the info below.

From Yousician to Hormona, Slush has put early-stage startups in front of the whole ecosystem and given them the best space to flourish. Here is a quick rundown of what a few winners have done along the way since their pitches:


Winner of Slush 100 in 2011


Yousician has created an interactive way for anyone to learn how to play musical instruments like guitar, piano, and ukelele. 

Yousician has over 25 million users worldwide, raised Series B worth $28M last year, and are valued at over €100M.

Find out how Slush 100 impacted their company in the long-term in an interview in 2015 here.


Winner of Slush 100 in 2012


Fishbrain provides local fishing maps, catch forecasts, an online gear shop, and a social network platform to make the most of the sport. 

Fishbrain won Slush 100 back in 2012 and raised $31M in funding last March. They’re now considered the biggest fish community app in the world. 

Here is the co-founder chatting about where Fishbrain progressed in the years following the pitching competition back in 2012.


Winner of Slush 100 in 2014 focuses on fraud prevention by helping analyze and evaluate a company’s traffic sources, ultimately helping them maximize their ROI.

You can see their original pitch back in 2014 on our very own stage here. 


Winner of Slush 100 in 2015

Caremonkey (now Operoo)

CareMonkey, now known as Operoo, automates information management with an operations and productivity platform for organizations. 

In 2019, the company raised $1.5M in seed funding and continues to streamline schools’ information operations.

Here’s the pitch from Caremonkey at our 2015 edition of the competition.


Winner of Slush 100 in 2016


Cybelangel hails from France and develops software that monitors cyber threats across the internet with a combination of machine learning and human analysis. 

This Slush 100 winner has since gone on to raise $36M in Series B to continue fighting against AI data breaches. 

Watch their on-stage pitch here.


Winner of Slush 100 in 2017

Altum Technologies

Altum Technologies is the first company in the world that can completely control power ultrasound, using it to clean fouling from different type of equipment without stopping production. This helps reduce maintenance time, energy consumption and usage of hazardous chemicals in these cleaning processes.

Check their winning pitch to us at Slush 100 here.


Winner of Slush 100 in 2019


The winner of Slush 2018’s edition of Slush 100 was Eversend, the developer of a finance app for currency exchanges and cross-border money transfer, focusing on the African market.

Check out Eversend’s pitch at Slush 2019 here.


Winner of Slush 100 at Slush 2021


Hormona is our most recent winner of Slush 100, winning the competition mere hours after they unveiled their product to the public at Slush 2021’s Product Launch.

Hormona is a health tech company that aims to empower women to track and understand their hormones through an easily accessible app.

Check out Hormona’s pitch at last year’s Slush 100 here.


Read about Slush 100 this year here.