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Six Reasons to Join Slush 2021 as a Startup

Wondering what exactly Slush 2021 has to offer startups? Here are the six main reasons to come to the slushiest place this December.

1. Meet investors and potential partners in person 

Slush is Europe’s largest gathering of venture capital. In total, you will have some 1,500 investors to pitch your idea to, not to mention the hundreds of corporations looking to make deals. What’s more, our Matchmaking Tool (hold on, it’s opening later) lets you screen and meet people smoothly, resulting in thousands of meetings over the course of two days. For reference, 16,902 face-to-face meetings were booked through merely our Matchmaking Tool in 2019. 

Over $300 billion in assets under management are just one click away.

“It was the most efficient meeting-slammed week in my life so far.” – SendBird, Slush 100 finalist


2. Flat-out visibility and experience 

Through our many opportunities for startups, including our crown jewel, the Slush 100 pitching competition, your company will get visibility in front of thousands of interested investors, industry executives, customers, and potential partners. So, what are these opportunities, may you ask? 

  • Slush 100: The pitching competition where you receive invaluable feedback and visibility on stage and online. Get a move on, as the application deadline is Sep 30. Apply as your fill out your startup application. 
  • Demo Booths: Showcase your startup at the heart of the Slush venue all throughout the event. 
  • Product Launch: Launch your product live on stage in front of the who’s who of your industry. Apply by Oct 5 as your fill out your startup application.
  • Demo Showcase: With an industry-based audience, you will demo your product in front of the most relevant people to you. Be sure to apply by Oct 31 as you’re submitting your application.


3. Mentoring from leading experts

Our approach to content is straightforward: brutally hands-on, honest like nowhere else. We choose whom to bring on stage based on one predominant metric: what concrete advice can they bring to the table. The result? A dissection of how to grow a business, delivered by people who have built some of the world’s most successful companies. See our first 54 (about a hundred more yet to be revealed) speakers here

Roundtables: Best of all, each speaker dedicates at least one hour of their time to mentor startups. This is your chance to dive into a specific bottleneck or pain point with like-minded peers and led by Europe’s leading experts on the subject. Registration to Roundtables will be realized on a first-come, first-served basis. By applying for a Startup Pass, you’ll be the first to know.


Slush roundtables

4. Peer support

At Slush, you will find a community of 3,200 peers, working to transform a wide range of fields. This is a unique foundation for learning, collaboration, and encouragement. 

Founders Day: On Day 0, a day before the main event, we’re hosting an exclusive side event that offers founders concrete advice delivered by Europe’s leading early-stage investors. You’ll receive a link to register after you have applied for and purchased a Startup Pass. 

“It’s all about the community, which makes it insanely powerful.” – Peter Vesterbacka


Slush Jungle

5. Media coverage

Sifted, Business Insider, Bloomberg, BBC,, to name a few, are all coming to Slush 2021 on the hunt for the next breakout story. In total, we’re expecting 100 different media to come to town for Slush. Hone your pitch and get the eyeballs you need.


Slush working area

6. Talent

When you add together startups looking for new hires and a crowd of 8,000 people ready to shape our future, you have the recipe for one of the largest recruiting events in Europe. Your next key hire is waiting among the technical, business, and creative professionals joining Slush 2021.


Laser slush

Convinced, yet? There are still a few Startup Early Bird Passes available at, so head on over and join us in December.

Shoot me a message at [email protected] for any questions you might have. – Sofi