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Kick off your Slush week with a gathering of the 1,000 brightest minds in product management. Apply to attend - it’s free!

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Ready to Launch is the perfect kick-off to the Slush week for product-focused founders, Chief Product Officers, product managers, and product leads. The event revolves product management at different stages of growth, with talks from experienced product and growth professionals, connecting with your peers and much, much more. B2B, B2C – you name it. Attendance to the completely free event is by application or invitation only, which means you’ll be in good company.


Ready to Launch brings together the who’s who in product management to share insights behind high-growth products. Learn the tricks of the trade from experts across industries and different stages of growth. Form connections with other product people, meet investors to bring your product to the next level, and join mentoring sessions hosted by speakers and other experts. And remember to have fun while doing it.

This is for you product people

Every company at every stage needs a strong dose of product expertise – even if they might not even have dedicated product managers yet. This is why we are inviting both product managers, product-focused founders as well as a bunch of other product-minded friends of ours. Investors are also welcome. We review each application on a case-by-case basis!

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Cameron Adams
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Canva

Cameron Adams

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer of Canva

Cameron Adams is Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Canva, an online design and publishing tool which makes graphic design simple for everyone.

Since launching in 2013, Canva has grown to over 15 million users across 190 countries, with more than 1 billion designs created – that’s over 33 designs per second! Today Canva is growing from strength to strength, with over 600 team members working together on a mission to empower everyone to create beautiful designs.

Cameron is responsible for heading up the design and product teams, as well as playing a key role on future product directions and innovations.

Prior to joining Canva, Cameron ran his own successful design consultancy, before joining Google, where he found himself working closely with Lars and Jens Rasmussen (co-founders of Google Maps) to realise the design vision for Google Wave.

He then moved on to build email startup Fluent, before meeting Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht and deciding to bring Canva to the world.

With a strong design background, Cameron has also authored five books on web design and regularly speaks at conferences around the globe.

In his spare time, Cameron enjoys spending time with his two kids, playing music or DJing. And you’re also likely to find him relaxing with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Speaking at:

Slush Helsinki
Pratima Arora
Head of Confluence, Atlassian

Pratima Arora

Head of Confluence, Atlassian

Pratima is Head of Product for Confluence, a content collaboration tool that is one of Atlassian’s most popular products. She’s responsible for Confluence’s business, product strategy, roadmap, and go-to-market. 

A product management leader with extensive experience in successfully delivering innovative products to millions of customer, she has a track record of driving some of the most strategic initiatives at Salesforce like Einstein (Machine and Deep Learning platform), Lightning (Experience & Platform) and Mobile. 

Pratima is a geek at heart who loves to solve the toughest customer problems with simple and intuitive solutions that customers love.

Audrey Tsang
Chief Product Officer, Clue

Audrey Tsang

Chief Product Officer, Clue

Audrey is the Chief Product Officer of Clue, the fertility and ovulation tracking app that millions of women use to track their menstrual cycles. She leads the company’s product teams, is responsible for the product roadmap and oversees product strategy.

Before joining Clue, Audrey served as the Product Lead of the Pinterest Home Feed and the Product Director of Hotel Tonight.

She holds a Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University and an MBA & MEM from Northwestern University.


Want some advice?

Our speakers and other experienced participants are here to share their insights in roundtables. Mentoring opportunities announced later in the fall.


To help startups make their products into household names, investors are also present at the event. The Slush Matchmaking Tool is in use for you to schedule the meeting that can define the future of your product. We will give you a sneak-peek on who is coming soon.



The event will be organized in Helsinki Cable Factory, which used to serve as the main venue of Slush for five years. A factory turned cultural centre – could there really be a better place for product building?


Ready to Launch takes place at Helsinki Cable Factory on Nov 20, 2019.

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If you have questions or want to collaborate, contact us at [email protected].