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Product launch

For the first time in almost ten years, we are giving the opportunity to six exceptional companies to launch their product live on stage in the Product Launch. And let’s be honest – who would not want to launch their product on stage at Slush? We received hundreds of applications and have finally selected the six startups to launch.

You have the opportunity to come see three different launches on both days of Slush at the Startup Studio from six unique startups. As our Agenda barely covers what these six amazing companies do and what they are about to launch, we’ll give you a little sneak peek. This year, the spotlight is turning on the following companies:  


Based on breakthroughs from 20+ years of R&D, Atomontage is building a universal 3D content creation, sharing, and monetization platform. Its microvoxel geometry unlocks many capabilities and use cases that have previously not been possible with conventional 3D simulation and rendering techniques. At Slush, they are launching their very first open beta in the form of a cloud-native platform for shared volumetric worlds, which are called “Montages”. In this MVP state, the platform allows anyone to upload, voxelize, and then share their heavy volumetric 3D data with anyone else through a simple URL.

Climate X

Climate X is an impact company delivering location-specific risk ratings and loss estimates for extreme weather events linked to different pathways of climate change, all the way to the year 2100. They’ll be launching their much-anticipated climate risk rating solution exclusively at Slush called Climate X Spectra. With just an address and within seconds, they unlock a glimpse into the future under different climate pathways, enabling governments and businesses worldwide to build a more climate-resilient future.


Hormona is a young healthtech company helping patients detect patterns in their bodies’ rhythm, learn how to tweak them, and get their hormonal health back on track. They are launching their product for the first time at Slush – the data-driven solution for all women to track and understand their hormones, something that 50% of the human population really needs.

TU-NAH by BettaF!sh

TU-NAH tastes like tuna, looks like tuna, and is an all-rounder, just like the original product straight out of the can. However, it’s 100% plant-based without having added soy or wheat. Using regeneratively farmed seaweed and legumes, BettaF!sh has created a delicious vegan alternative to tuna on the market. At Slush, they are launching the first range of convenience products such as sandwiches and pizza on the market.


Rows has created the spreadsheet with superpowers. Combining a slick design, built-in integrations and a sharing experience so that teams can build rich, powerful, and beautiful spreadsheets in minutes. They are thrilled to launch a new version of their spreadsheet at Slush, with the release of three innovative ways to build, share and discover spreadsheets: Public Workspaces, Live sharing, and Charts, reimagined from the ground up to be easy to use and beautiful to share.


By utilizing deep knowledge of human psychology and the power of AI, Solsten is a company getting to know the humanity behind audience behaviors. They work to get down to the very bottom of what people feel, think, want, and need. At Slush, they are launching Frequency by Solsten: an AI-driven creative asset manager that predicts how a company’s creative will resonate with their current audience – or even your ideal audience-to-be. Frequency helps marketers know how to make a creative that will perform with their ideal audience.

The most amazing thing about Product Launch is that none of the products presented have yet seen the light of day. Therefore, this is the opportunity to come and see what people will talk about. Don’t miss out on these launches! Check out the whole agenda here to make the most out of Slush.