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Welcome to Slush Press Info. Here you can find all the press materials and some of the latest Slush updates. For interview requests, please drop us a line on [email protected].

What is Slush?

Slush is a student-driven, not-for-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship.

What started as a gathering of 300 local founders in 2008, has become a community of true global magnitude. The mission of Slush remains the same: to create and help the next generation of groundbreaking entrepreneurs.


In 2022, Slush events consisted of the Slush main event in Helsinki in November, and smaller Slush’D events all around the globe. All in the name of uniting the tech communities to solve the problems of our time. At Slush events, members of the press have an opportunity to hear the stories of founders and CEOs of major tech companies, discover the next startup success stories before everybody else, and catch up with fellow journalists from around the world.

For interview requests regarding Slush staff or questions about services for media at Slush, please contact [email protected]


You may use the photos for free when mentioning credits to the photographers and the name of the event. Publications, articles, and all non-commercial Slush-related usage of the photos is allowed when crediting the photographer and mentioning that the photo is from Slush.

You are not allowed to edit the photos or to use them for commercial purposes. If you want to use the photos for commercial use, contact [email protected]

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