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Yee Lee

VP Growth & Capital Markets, Terraformation

Yee Lee is VP Growth & Capital Markets at Terraformation. He joined as employee no. 1. Yee has an extensive track record as a serial entrepreneur with involvement in many of the most impactful companies in the tech industry.

Yee began his career in Silicon Valley as an early team member at PayPal and has served in engineering and product management roles at eBay, Google, Skype, TaskRabbit, and Facebook. Yee founded four startup companies in the social network, ecommerce and fintech sectors. These roles have allowed Yee to leverage his extensive understanding of engineering, design, social, and fintech to scale transformative products.

At Terraformation, Yee leads the Growth team, focused on finding ways to help foresters be more successful and to start more new forestry projects in order to accelerate the growth of the global regenerative forest restoration industry.

Yee holds degrees in engineering from UC Berkeley and Stanford.


About Terraformation
Founded: 2017  |  HQ: United States  |  Funding: $35M |  Industry: Climate Tech