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Tom Wehmeier

Partner, Atomico

Tom Wehmeier is a Partner and Head of Insights at Atomico. Tom’s mission at Atomico is to share data and insights with the team to help us to make better, data-driven decisions and to have more insightful conversations with our key stakeholders. Tom is also the author of Atomico’s annual State of European Tech report.

Prior to joining Atomico, Tom was a telecoms analyst for eight years during a period of huge change in the industry. Tom assures us that telecoms is fascinating, despite the reputation, and often reminds our team that without connectivity and smartphones so much of what is happening in today’s tech industry simply wouldn’t be possible.

One summer, Tom decided to try his hand at teaching English and, after qualifying with distinction, went on to teach English in Oxford to students from all around the world. Fortunately, his English is much better than his French, German and Spanish, although he claims to get by in all of them.


The State of European Tech report 2019 is live, and here are the most important findingsNovember 21, 2019