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Timo Lei

Partner & Markets Leader, King & Wood Mallesons

Mr. Timo Lei is a Partner at King&Wood Mallesons (KWM), an Asia based, leading global legal professional services firm, Timo is the Vice COO and Markets Leader for the firm. Timo is responsible for KWM’s global networks; innovation; markets development; and maximizing revenues. He is sitting on KWM Management Board as an extended member.

Prior to KWM, Timo was the Chief Business Development Officer and managing director of PwC Greater China. He specialises in advising Chinese entrepreneurs on private placement, Overseas IPO, M&A, and innovation. He joined PwC global HQ in London in 1998, reporting to PwC Global Vice Chairman, Sir John Stuttard, later the Lord Mayor of The City of London. Timo worked with UKTI, The City of London, London Stock Exchange, and Investment banks to build market presences in Asia-Pacific countries. Timo was nominated as assistant to Head of Delegation during two UK State visits to China led by former UK Prime Minister Tony Blaire and Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.