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Teemu Suna

Founder and CEO of Nightingale Health

Teemu Suna is one of the founders, CEO and chairman of Nightingale Health, a biotech company that is reinventing preventive health with blood-based health data. As the leader of this disruptive health revolution, Suna has steered Nightingale into an established growth company with over 80 team members and customers in over 20 countries. Since late 2015, Suna has raised over €40 million to bring Nightingale’s technology to global healthcare. 

Suna signed up to be an entrepreneur when he was just 21. Since then he has been at the forefront of health tech ventures. He was leading healthcare IT solutions at Fujitsu Finland as the Chief Technology Officer when he decided to expand his horizon with computational medicine research, leading him to start Nightingale. Suna believes innovation is found between disciplines. His credence is reflected in both the product and the people at Nightingale who come from diverse backgrounds to further push the boundaries of the health industry. The goal, however, is the same — to make preventive health a reality for all the 8 billion people on this planet.