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Steve Anavi

Co-founder and President, Qonto

Steve is the co-founder and President of Qonto, the leading European business finance solution.

After graduating from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), INSEAD, the University of Tokyo (Todai), he started his career at Deloitte Consulting, before joining Groupon as Chief Operating Officer for France, then Europe and Asia.

In 2013, he founded together with Alexandre Prot – the first connected electronic cigarette, and experienced the complexity and frustrations of business banking. Therefore they decided in 2017 to found Qonto, the business finance solution energizing SMEs and freelancers, simplifying everything from everyday banking and financing to bookkeeping, invoicing and spend management. Qonto has raised €622 million from the world’s largest investors. The company now serves 300,000 clients in 4 countries (France, Italy, Spain and Germany), and has over 900 employees.

About Qonto
Founded: 2016  |  HQ: France  |  Funding: $689M |  Industry: Fintech