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Silja Litvin

Founder & CEO of PsycApps

Techstars Berlin 2019 Alumni Silja Litvin, CEO and Founder of PsycApps, Ph.D. candidate at Ludwig Maximilian University and honorary Research Associate at UCL in London, is a psychologist with 2 years of experience providing counseling and therapy, including in the NHS NELFT mood and eating disorder division. Her specialty is in depression and anxiety issues, as well as systemic psychology, the science of relationships.

Silja has multiple articles published in peer-reviewed journals and two evidence-based mobile mental health applications making her one of the UK’s leaders in mobile mental health. Due to her rather unusual career of modeling for 17 years, Silja has a unique approach to both the commercial and academic aspect of her products as well as years of self-dependent working experience

Now she is venturing into the world of AI, gamification, and mobile mental health to find a way to be able to help people help themselves, launching her emotional fitness game eQuoo worldwide. The game has been featured in major news outlets such as Forbes and TechCrunch and she won multiple prizes with PsycApps such as THE EUROPAS Pitch Awards and [email protected] on Tour.