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Sid Kouider

Founder & CEO of NextMind

Sid Kouider is Founder and CEO of NextMind, a neurotech startup created in 2017, developing the next generation of brain-computer interfaces. Sid will be unveiling the world’s first brain-sensing wearable that gives users the ability to control devices with their mind in real-time. This new groundbreaking technology uses noninvasive brain sensors together with machine learning to translate brain signals into digital commands, making it easier for end-users to interact with computers and AR/VR headsets. As a recognized global authority on cognitive neuroscience, Pr. Sid Kouider has spent more than two decades pursuing his passion of exploring and gaining a deeper understanding of the human brain. His work has been published in TIME, The Washington Post and Le Monde as well as in a variety of peer-reviewed journals such as Science and Nature communications. NextMind raised $4.6 million in seed funding from BPIFrance, Nordic Makers and technology entrepreneurs such as David Helgason, Founder and former CEO of Unity Technologies, and Sune Alstrup Johansen, Founder and former CEO of The Eye Tribe (acquired by Oculus/ Facebook).