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Nicolay Thafvelin

Co-founder and CTO, Vev

Nicolay Thafvelin is Co-founder and CTO of Vev, a startup developing a no-code solution for web design. At Vev,  he creates and oversees the development and functionality of a web design platform that is changing the way we create content for the web.

His interest towards data science kicked off after losing a bet in high school, which resulted in him building a landing page for a snowboarding crew. From there, he was hooked on web development and brought his technical passions to many leading companies in Norway before founding Vev together with Tine Karlsen and Fredrik Evjen Ekli.

Nicolay will be joined on stage by Malin Cornelia, Head of Partnerships at Vev, where she works with driving engagement and achieves measurable results through advanced technology products and relationships.

About Vev
Founded: 2017  |  HQ: Norway  |  Funding: €7.2M  |  Industry: Web Design