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Michelle You

Co-founder and CEO, Supercritical

Michelle You is Co-founder and CEO of Supercritical, a fast-growing software platform that’s fighting the climate crisis by helping businesses reach net zero. Michelle started Supercritical as – like her co-founder, Aaron Randall – she wanted to leave a better future for her young child, and the climate crisis can’t wait.

A former venture partner at LocalGlobe, where she focused on climate investments, Michelle is a repeat entrepreneur with a proven track record. As co-founder of Songkick, she grew the company to over 20 million monthly unique users and raised capital from Y Combinator, Index Ventures and Sequoia before exiting to Warner Music Group in 2017.


About Supercritical
Founded: 2021  |  HQ: United Kingdom |  Funding: $2.6M | Industry: Climate Tech