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Michael Cassau

Founder & CEO of Grover

Michael Cassau is fascinated by the intersection of retail and finance, and is motivated by a personal conviction that there must be a flexible and efficient way to access consumer goods. He founded his company Grover in 2015 with a simple goal in mind: To give people more freedom and help them maximize value by offering a flexible and affordable way of accessing technology – by means of monthly rentals. Built on a circular economy business model, Grover makes the most out of the lifecycle of tech products, reduces waste, and brings the philosophy of access over ownership to the huge consumer electronics market. Michael has a background in economics: Prior to founding Grover, he worked as an Investment Professional with Goldman Sachs, where he acquired in-depth insight into the mechanics of the financial system. Later, he was Co-Founder and MD/Head of Roll Out and Operations at Rocket Internet. Michael studied Economics and Finance in Heidelberg and Copenhagen.