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Mia Diawara

Partner, Lowercarbon Capital

Mia Diawara is a Partner at Lowercarbon Capital, where she invests in ambitious teams building needle-moving climate tech, and does so with an eye toward equity and inclusion. Before Lowercarbon, Mia spearheaded decarbonization strategy across a portfolio of over $90B in assets at TPG, advised companies across industries at Bain & Company, and assessed climate policy and market-based climate solutions at NRDC and RMI, respectively.

When’s she’s not busy unf*cking the planet, she moonlights a poet and dancer, having performed professionally with the San Francisco Bay Area Theater Company. She also chairs the Nominating & Governance Committee on the board of Robert Moses’ Kin—an SF-based dance company.


About Lowercarbon Capital
Founded: 2018  |  HQ: United States