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Marta Sjögren

Co-founder and Co-CEO, Paebbl

Marta is Co-founder and Co-CEO of Paebbl, the carbon re-storing company. Paebbl was founded on the premise that the captured CO2 can and should be put to good use. Paebbl’s vision is to repurpose captured CO2 into widely used raw materials.

Prior to co-founding Paebbl, Marta was an early stage investor, with over a decade in venture capital (Northzone as a Partner, DN Capital where she started her career), and a proven track record in a range of verticals, including B2B SaaS, gaming, and edtech. Marta decided to focus only on clearly defined planet-positive businesses when she realised that every euro invested has an impact, one which companies either downplay or highlight relative to economic upside.


About Paebbl
Founded: 2021  |  HQ: Sweden  |  Funding: €8M  |  Industry: CLimate Tech