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Lu Zhang

Founding and Managing Partner, Fusion Fund

Lu Zhang is the Founding and Managing Partner of Fusion Fund ( A.K.A. NewGen Capital). Prior to starting Fusion Fund, she was a Venture Partner at Fenox Venture Capital. She participated in over 20 investments and assist M&A of the portfolios. Lu was also the Founder and CEO of a start-up focused on non-invasive technology for the early diagnosis of Type II diabetes (acquired in 2012).

Lu received her M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and holds several patents. She is an advisor and mentor to several innovative programs and incubators in Silicon Valley. Lu has won numerous awards and is frequently invited to speak at events. She was awarded the Forbes US 30 under 30 & Featured as the Honoree of VC category. In addition, she was  awarded the Forbes Asia 30 under 30 of Finance category in the same year. Her most recent award is the T&C 50 Modern Swans Influencer, representing top female entrepreneurs in US.