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Katja Bergman

General Partner and co-founder at BRIGHTLY Ventures

General Partner and Co-founder of BRIGHTLY Ventures, an early-stage Nordic venture firm based in Stockholm. Our passion lies in finding and supporting those exceptional technology teams who push the world forward. Our team is a group of founders, company builders, and operators with extensive experience. We aim to work actively and relentlessly to help ambitious founders to achieve their full potential.

Co-founded the venture capital firm MOOR in 20012, in order to help early stage entrepreneurs get venture funding in the seed stages and help build, grow and scale Nordic technology companies globally. First VC investor in several fast-growing Nordic successes such as Acast, Mitigram, Volumental, Buildsafe, Kiosked and FirstVet.

Previously co-founded and built successful technology companies such as Pipebeach, the creator of SpeechWeb for the spoken web and the markup language VoiceXML.
Pipebeach became a category leading software vendor globally for interactive voice services and voice mail systems. Pipebeach was acquired by Hewlett-Packard.

Building technology based businesses and selling technology for more than two decades, started with selling and negotiating the first mobile telecom networks at Nokia, and later at Ericsson Networks and business development at Ericsson Group.

Katja sits on the boards of small technology startups, and works actively in organizations that support female leadership.

Katja is passionate about technology and ways to change the world for the better.