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Julianna Lamb

Co-founder and CTO, Stytch

Julianna Lamb is the Co-Founder and CTO of Stytch. Stytch is the platform for user authentication. Prior to founding Stytch, Julianna was a software engineer at Plaid and Strava and a product manager at Very Good Security.

Julianna and her co-founder Reed McGinley-Stempel both worked on fraud and authentication at Plaid. They were frustrated with the tools out there for developers when it came to building user authentication. To solve this, they built Stytch, a developer-first platform that focuses on passwordless authentication to help companies elevate both their security and user experience.

Julianna graduated from Standford University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with History as a minor.

About Stytch
Founded: 2020 |  HQ: United States  |  Funding: $126m |  Industry: Enterprise software