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Josefin Landgård

Founder and CEO, MANTLE

Josefin Landgård is Founder and CEO of MANTLE, a Swedish cannabeauty company en route to becoming the number one premium CBD brand. MANTLE was founded in 2020 by Josefin and Stina Lönnkvist, and has quickly earned a cult following due to their bold confidence and perfect formulations. The products have won multiple awards by e.g. ELLE, Swedish Beauty Awards, Costume, Eurowoman, and Vogue.

Prior to founding MANTLE, Josefin co-founded the unicorn telemedicine company KRY/Livi, acting as CEO and COO. She has also co-founded several other startups. She is also a prominent angel investor.


Founded: 2019  |  HQ: Sweden  |  Funding: $2M  |  Industry: Health & Beauty