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Jessica Ennis-Hill

Co-founder, Jennis

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill is Co-founder of Jennis. She is not only Olympic Champion and 3 x World Champion heptathlete but also a campaigner for women’s equality and body literacy. Through the Jennis CycleMapping programmes in the Jennis Fitness app – Jess is spearheading a drive to help women understand their hormones and how they can work with their bodies to achieve better health and fitness. Our aim is to empower women to become body literate.

Jessica is using her public profile to drive the conversation around the gender data gap – particularly in terms of women’s health. Jennis is working to find ways to provide women with clear and accessible information on the physiology of a woman’s body and how working in line with our hormones and recognising the uniqueness of our own bodies we can make a real difference to our fitness, reduce PMS symptoms and increase our body literacy.

Jessica is a mother of two children.


About Jennis
Founded: 2019  |  HQ: United Kingdom  |  Funding: €1.17M  |  Industry: Health