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Jan Goetz

Co-Founder and CEO of IQM Quantum Computers

Jan received his PhD on superconducting quantum circuits in 2017 from TU Munich and continued as a Postdoc in Helsinki at Aalto University. Helsinki is a great hub for quantum technology, which allowed him to receive a Marie-Curie Fellowship from the EU H2020 program. In addition, he has been working for the local Quantum Computer Project, where 8 research groups and the State Research Center VTT are co-developing a quantum processor. Based on these efforts and together with three co-founders, Jan has been spinning off a company, IQM Finland Oy. Since February 2019 he is the CEO of IQM and the company is now expanding their operations on the research campus in Espoo (Helsinki area). IQM’s is to developing a fast lane for quantum computer using innovative technology for 2nd generation quantum processors.