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Isabelle Kristine Ringnes

Co-founder & Product Lead of

Isabelle Ringnes is the co-founder and product lead of, a platform for crowdsourced anonymous reviews about equality and diversity in the workplace. She is the co-founder and product lead of helping companies improve gender diversity through a data-driven and evidence-based approach by mapping their gender balance and providing solutions to improve based on the best available research.

In 2015 she founded TENK: a Technology Network for Women aiming to inspire women and girls to lean in and contribute to shaping our world’s future with technology. She has established two-yearly tech-camps for young girls and spoken to thousands of girls around Norway to inspire them to choose technology. Isabelle has been named one of six Norwegians in “100 most influential people in Nordic Tech” and an “Inspiring 50”. In 2019 she published a best-selling book called Hvem Spanderer about unconscious bias.