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Harry Stebbings

Founder, 20VC

Harry Stebbings is Founder of 20VC, one of the largest media assets in venture and startups, now with over $175M in AUM. Harry’s Twenty Minute VC podcast series reaches some 700,000 subscribers and has 120 million downloads to date.

Harry started 20VC podcast with not a single contact in VC. The first episode was released in January 2015. 7 years later Harry has now released 2750 episodes, with more than 1.3M plays per show. He is ranked one of the top solo capitalists in 3Q21. At 22 years old Harry was the youngest to make the list on the Forbes Finance 30 Under 30 in Europe.

Prior to 20VC Harry was Partner at Stride VC a firm he co-founded in 2018. Harry then went on to launch his venture capital fund, 20VC in May 2020. Harry raised two 20VC funds, a $33m early-stage fund, and another $107m growth fund, which he leads as a solo general partner.


About 20VC
Founded: 2014  |  HQ: United Kingdom |  Industry: Venture Capital Media