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Colette Ballou

Founder, Ballou

I am an entrepreneur, failed angel investor, and limited partner.

Years ago, I started Ballou, a European communications advisory that works with high-growth technology and technology-enabled companies, as well as technology investors.  Ballou’s success has given me exposure to thousands of different business models and allowed me to invest in venture capital firms.  Along with my colleagues, I forecast trends, understand and examine human behaviour, and use these insights to position businesses for high growth.  Companies I’ve worked with include 83 North, Accel Partners, Box, Criteo, Eventbrite, Facebook, GoEuro, (now Omio), Lakestar, Lightrock, Pinterest, Stack Overflow, Stripe, TransferWise (now Wise), Twilio, Waze, WhatsApp and Zendesk.

I advise and mentor CEOs and often speak about topics I care very much about: the importance of reputation, civility in the workplace and culture, and the responsibilities of investors, be they angels or limited partners.  I am an investor in VC and PE funds including Cavalry VenturesConnect Ventures and Asia Partners.

About Ballou
Founded: 20o2  |  Location: UK, Germany and France  |  Industry: Communications