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Casey Winters

CPO, Eventbrite

Casey Winters is a full time advisor and consultant to top tech companies like Eventbrite, Thumbtack, and Reddit. Casey recently was the growth advisor in residence at Greylock Partners, where he helped startups on their growth strategies and scaling challenges. Prior to Greylock, Casey led growth at Pinterest, helping kickstart international growth. Pinterest recently crossed over 200 million monthly active users. Yes, those annoying signup prompts are his fault.

Prior to Pinterest, Casey was the first marketer at Grubhub, helping the company grow from 30,000 users to over 3 million by leading acquisition and retention marketing. Casey is responsible for some of Grubhub’s worst performing ads, but definitely not its best. Grubhub went public in April 2014 and is now valued at $10 billion. Prior to Grubhub, Casey worked in online marketing at Homefinder and Casey has a BBA in Marketing from Loyola University Chicago and an MBA from Chicago Booth, but he isn’t like those other MBA types. He blogs, not as well as most, at